During the 10th edition of 17″ Days, Anthony Bourges is waiting to enter Motorland Aragon race track.

Anthony Bourges is a stunt rider for Disneyland in Paris. In October 2013, he rode at the 10th edition of “17” Days”, 5 days of riding and unforgettable fun organized by 17 pouces in Alcaniz, Spain. This picture is not necessarily representative of the group atmosphere, the workshops, the shared moments, but it is still one of my favorite shots. Anthony, code name “Geek” made a name for himself, first by teaching Sylvain Bidart a few tricks, then by winning the race that was organized on the last day.

I like this picture a lot, for several reasons. First it is unposed, and I always prefer this. I like to account for what happens without interfering too much. The downside of this, however, is that I only have a few seconds to get all my settings right when I see something I like. On a track, there are also a lot of details that can become very distracting on the final picture (hiviz gear, cones, etc.) Here the background is fairly clean, the pose is simple, spontaneous, there is something really peaceful about it.

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