A meeting with Alex aka The Braap Ram, a really nice guy, during a beautiful shooting on a Pyrenean pass at sunset. Follow his adventures on instagram by clicking here.

A loudmouth with a heart of gold

Alex is a mountain guy from the Alps. He’s a loudmouth and he’s happy with it. Some say his gaze commands respect. Three words to describe him: whole, impetuous and generous. He rides the roads around his native town of the Alps with his Husqvarna 701. Since he has it, he also has been practicing on supermoto tracks. He also tried his hand at enduro and a few uphill races.

His favourite riders: the Chareyre brothers – he had the opportunity to meet Adrien last year. He would like to return to the Southern Alps on his Husqvarna, and also to visit Eastern Switzerland and Italy. He dreams of becoming a racer. Above all, he wants to chart his own path and not do as everybody else does. For him, motorcycling is an escape, discovering unreachable spots, places and landscapes. It also means meeting passionate people in a world of their own, the feeling of freedom and adrenaline.

How did you start riding?

I started riding 2 wheels at 14 on an MBK 50 x-limit. After a year, I switched to a Derbi 50 DRD pro racing limited edition. At 16, I got my 125cc license, and I switched to a Yamaha 125 XTX. At 18 years old, I moved on to a bigger engine with a Yamaha 660 XTX, but in France its power had to be bridled during 2 years. I bought the Husqvarna 701 in July 2016.

Why the 701?

I chose this bike because it’s the right compromise for me to ride, the maintenance is easier than an enduro fitted as a supermoto, since I’m not a keen mechanic. It’s also because at the time it was quite exclusive – there were only two of us in my area who had one.

What you got on your 701?

– graphic kit
– carbon line protection
– 15″ sprocket
– blue aluminum crown 45
– shifter
– akrapovic exhaust
– blue renthal handlebar
– quite a few blue Husqvarna anodized parts
– complete Beringer kit
– blue film for headlight
– evotech plate holder
– white spoke covers
– starter kit

Your plans for the future?

Next year I would like to buy a 450 FS in addition to the 701 to ride on tracks with a lighter bike!

And what do you put on your instagram account?

Mountain roads, beautiful sceneries, a little track, also other bikes of guys riding with me. Come and check it out!

[ Note : this post was updated to reflect the fact that Alex changed his Instagram user name from supermotard74 to the The Braap Ram ]

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