After a presentation of Alex (click here) and a first series at the top of the Pyrénées, here is a second episode. It is in the superb landscapes of his native Alps that we meet again with The Braap Ram for a three-part shooting. This post covers only to one of the three days (Wednesday) with static shots (no riding).

For the first step, we got to the top of the Semnoz pass in the morning. The sun was shining and we had a beautiful view of Annecy Lake. The light was very intense. A large part of the work was to avoid harsh shadows thanks to reflectors and flashes.

Then, after lunch, a we had a session on the lake shore, to take the picture with the fuzzy passers-by. It took a while to get the settings right. We had to move over to let the tourist train pass twice, and have passers-by in the right position for the picture.

For the next stage, we headed to the port of Annecy le Vieux, where Alex put his 701 on a boat launch ramp. This was a fun part.

Finally, we finished the photo day on small pier nearby. Our plan was to make the most of the sunset, which promised to be beautiful. But the weather decided otherwise. The wind rose in a few minutes as a thunderstorm descended from the mountain. We had to cut the session short, but we still managed to take a few shots under the stormy sky. The red-ish colors, with intense blues, were awesome. They highlighted the colors of the 701 and Alex’s outfit. These are my favorite pictures of the day, although I am very happy with the whole series.

Coming up soon: another post with the static night pics of Tuesday evening, and another one with those of the track on Thursday.

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