This is a new series of “Behind the scene” pictures with Valentin Teillet. It was taken at the beginning of the summer, for the opening round of French SX tour 2016 in Estillac. In 2016, Valentin has been riding with team SR Honda Motoblouz. The team is managed by Josse Sallefranque.

The last round of this SX tour took place in La Tremblade on 14 August. Valentin finished 4th, right behind his teammate Fabien Izoird. Valentin Teillet is one of the most famous and most talented French riders, and yet the season was definitely not easy for him. He had to endure a series of minor injuries and mechanical problems.

For this race in Estillac, I had the opportunity of following Valentin around for the day and the evening, and it is always a great experience. At this level, even if it looks easy, there is a good amount of pressure and it is interesting to see how a rider like Valentin achieves so much.

At the end of the season, Valentin announced that he was moving on next year and creating his own team, called team VRT 3as. You can read the interview (in French) right after the photo gallery, at the bottom of this page.

I did another series with Valentin in 2015 for Gimont International MX night race – you can find it here in French – a translation is coming up soon.



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