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Official website of Steph Legrand

Welcome to the website of Steph LEGRAND. I am a photographer. I specialize in motorcycling pictures, and especially offroad : Supermoto, Motocross, Supercross. During five seasons I have done the official pictures for team Luc1 Owatrol Honda, and now I work for the promotion of the French Supermoto Championship on behalf of the French Motorcycling Federation. I can also offer custom photo shoots (for example for posters, press books, thank-you cards for sponsors and partners, catalogues or brochures, etc.) Virtually all of my pictures are done within contracts, so they are all subject to very specific conditions of use. Absolutely none of my pictures are free of rights, whether my signature is on them or not. I may be interested from time to time by projects that are more of an artistic nature – but always in the field or motorcycling. If you have specific ideas, please let me know.



Days 2016: the best Supermoto riding event

One of the highlights of year 2016 was the return of 17" Days. It has to be the best event in Supermoto riding. Imagine 5 days on an absolutely great track in the middle of [...]

2017 Supermoto French Championship: the dates

The French Supermoto Championship is organized by the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM). It includes 8 to 9 rounds each year. It is generally recognized abroad as a very good championship with a high level. [...]

Best wishes for 2017

Happy New Year 2017 I would like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2017, with a lot of happiness, success and health. A lot of you are working hard to prepare [...]

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Romain Febvre in Supermoto

Romain Febvre is not only one of the best motocross riders in the world — he is also one of the masters of  supermoto tracks like here in Mettet.


Latest “One Shots”

Thomas Decaigny gearing up for Free Practice Session

Thomas Decaigny gearing up before a Free Practice session in Mettet In 2016, Belgian team NTD Racing was taking part in Mettet Superbiker, the biggest Supermoto event in the world, bringing together riders from all moto disciplines (road and [...]

Marc Schmidt in pre-grid at Mettet

Right before a Mettet Superbiker timed practice session, Marc Schmidt spontaneously offers a great portrait. Marc-Reiner Schmidt, a.k.a. PowerSlider, is one of the most successful supermoto riders these recent years. Born in 1995, he [...]

Anthony Bourges riding Supermoto

During the 10th edition of 17" Days, Anthony Bourges is waiting to enter Motorland Aragon race track. Anthony Bourges is a stunt rider for Disneyland in Paris. In October 2013, he rode at the 10th [...]

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