About me

A passionate photographer, I have specialized in supermoto photography since 2010. This discipline offers a great visual richness, combining off-road and asphalt sections, in an incomparable atmosphere. France is fortunate to host the best riders in the world and a championship of excellent quality.

For several years, I had the privilege of taking the official photos of the Luc1 Motorsport team, then the most renowned team in the discipline, alongside Ludovic Lucquin. Since 2018, I have had the immense pleasure of capturing the images of the French Supermoto Championship for the French Motorcycling Federation (FFM), as well as those of team France for the Supermoto of Nations.

In motorsports, I strive to show the skill and focus of the riders. My goal is to capture their speed, their technique, but also their determination and passion when they push their limits. My photos tell the story of the effort, courage, and resilience of competitors in the adversity of the race.

Visually, I appreciate the raw side of motorcycling. The worn suits, the sweat on faces, the marks of intense physical effort are authentic elements that I want to show. They reflect the rugged beauty of this demanding sport, bearing witness to the total commitment of the athletes. Beyond the simple snapshot, I aim to capture the essence of these moments of strength and vulnerability.

A mathematician and statistician by training, with a Ph.D. in marketing and a passion for technology, I constantly acquire new skills to serve my clients. I also offer digital communication solutions, partner or customer relationship management, and low-code/no-code automation, under the SL Data Tech brand.

A self-taught photographer, I have many years of field experience. Whether for a sporting event, a portrait, or any other project, I am committed to capturing emotions and authenticity with professionalism. I invite you to discover my galleries to appreciate my style. If you like it, do not hesitate to contact me for any information or quote request.