Why these conditions

As there is more and more misuse of my pictures, especially on social networks, I feel I have to make a few points very clear. If you would like to use my work, please read this carefully.

The fact I am publishing some pictures on the Internet and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) to promote my activity as a photographer does not mean that I am giving away the pictures for free. Each picture remains my intellectual property, without exception. If you like my pictures, I’m happy with it, and then please do not hesitate to share them from my pages.

Limits to free use

  • for riders or people who appear in my pictures, limited personal use is acceptable with the original pro-photo.fr signature (for example by the riders themselves on their Facebook pages).
  • apart from this specific case, and as a general rule, it is strictly forbidden to copy my pictures (from any of my pages or social network accounts). However, sharing (or linking to my pictures) is authorized.
  • Any commercial use without contract is forbidden (for example, use of my pictures by riders’ sponsors or commercial partners to promote themselves is clearly forbidden).
  • adding a logo or signature on my pictures is forbidden.
  • all Facebook pages that wish to show my pictures can do so by sharing from my page. Saving my pictures and republishing them is clearly forbidden.

PLEASE NOTE: unauthorized use will be invoiced at 400% of the UPP’s current rate at the time of publication (UPP is the French Professional Photographers’ Association, their rates are widely accepted by courts to settle disputes). This is also the case for publishing my pictures on a Facebook page without my consent.

Paying use

Of course, I will be happy to provide a quick quote for use of my pictures:

  • small format for the Internet;
  • large format for print (posters, magazines, calendars, etc.)

If any of this is unclear, if you have any doubts about using my work, feel free to contact me through this form. Unless I am traveling, I receive messages within minutes.

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