Haute Saintonge track day


The end of lockdown has finally allowed us to spend a day of riding and enjoy some magnificent weather. A great training day at Haute Saintonge race track for [...]

Haute Saintonge track day2020-06-18T15:05:29+02:00

Motocross / Toulouse


A nice shot of Benjamin Chamayou at a track near home, in Toulouse. I took it 8 years ago today, on 9 June 2012. Sunset, dust, action... perfect moment!

Motocross / Toulouse2020-06-09T08:41:25+02:00

How to take track pictures


For those interested in moto photography, being able to take track shots (motocross, supermoto, road) is a unique experience. But getting the necessary authorizations can be tricky. Here is a [...]

How to take track pictures2020-06-09T08:42:19+02:00
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