Thomas Decaigny gearing up before a Free Practice session in Mettet

In 2016, Belgian team NTD Racing was taking part in Mettet Superbiker, the biggest Supermoto event in the world, bringing together riders from all moto disciplines (road and off-road racing). Team NTD Racing had a good run in the 2016 French Supermoto Championship with three riders: Thomas Decaigny, younger brother Nicolas Decaigny, and Bruno Baulard. All three were riding Husqvarna bikes. On this picture, Thomas was gearing up for a Free Practice session in Mettet on the Friday, as I was taking a series of paddock shots for the team.  

I had the opportunity to follow these three riders throughout most of the 2016 season on the French Championship. The “getting ready” phase is always one of my favorites in pictures: mechanical checks, concentration, gear checks… Each rider also has his habits, his rituals, his pace.  

I really like to get to a point where, I hope, riders are less aware of —and less disturbed by— the camera. At that point, I am able to capture more spontaneous moments, more natural expressions. Here I was working with a fish-eye lens, this allows less conventional results. Then I chose a really dark treatment, it adds a fairly hard side to the picture, and it focuses on Thomas by eliminating a lot of unnecessary details.


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